Didn’t Want to Come Back

2007 Pontiac Vibe

After Bobcat Pass on the way to Eagle Nest

Quite spontaneously, we both decided Thursday morning that the time had come for a trip around the Enchanted Circle to see the changing leaves. It was simply marvelous. I don’t have pictures of the most shocking views because they opened up on narrow curves around nine thousand feet. What the hell, you have to be there. The air’s so clear, the sun’s so bright, the colors are electric. Maybe not in this shot with the faithful Vibe under light-diffusing clouds, but trust me. We needed this. I swear, Taos is the wall you beat your head against. (And yet the angels led me here.) When we were almost home, my wife thanked me for my driving and said, “The only thing is, you came back too soon.”

I knew what she meant. I didn’t want to come back to town at all. It’s always like that when I’m in the mountains. It’s so sad to literally descend. But this was different. I didn’t just want to be in the mountains, I wanted to keep on going. The drug of leave-it-all-behind. What a fellow wants is ease. Just a hint can be uplifting. What would it feel like, how would we create?

  • Rita September 30, 2016, 12:24 AM

    Ah. You are feeling the Ascension. Cool.

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