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Kit Carson Museum, Rayado

An amazing New Mexico experience

Experiencing broad-based evaluation, sensing, consideration of just about everything. Possible birthday fallout, right? Who knows where this goes, hopefully toward more good humor and the light. In the meantime, enjoy this cool image of, what should I call it, the eating area/kitchen of the restored hacienda that serves as the Philmont Scout Ranch’s Kit Carson Museum in Rayado. One hell of an amazing place.

  • Rita August 21, 2015, 2:51 PM

    Oh yeah! I would live there. I must have been a 49er or something, in a past life. That is a beautiful room.

    • JHF August 21, 2015, 9:37 PM

      All the rooms in a hacienda lead into one another, shotgun shack style. The rooms form a square, with an open courtyard in the middle. You can more or less circumnavigate the place by walking from one room to another. There’s a covered porch—in Spanish: portal (por-TAHL)- that goes all around the inside of the courtyard. All the cooking was done outdoors in the courtyard over fires or in clay ovens.

      So the whole thing is a big walled-in square. One wall has a gate in it big enough for horses and wagons. There are passageways from the courtyard to the outside through each of the other walls, presumably for convenience or to offer escape routes. The windows in the rooms are only on the courtyard side, the inside. It’s quite the fortress.

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