Old Adobe in the Rain

rainy evening in Llano Quemado

Sunday evening in Llano Quemado

What the hell is this? Did I just dream the last fifteen years? How much of my life has been a sleepwalk? I mean, motherfucker, right?

I just had the strangest experience. You know how when you look back at something you said or wrote a long time ago and die from embarrassment? That’s pretty common, I’ll bet. Well, I had to look something up in a previously-published book of mine—Taos Soul, to be exact—and Jesus, I couldn’t believe how good it was! On a hunch, I decided for the first time ever to check the Amazon U.K. store for reviews. I found a couple, all right. Here’s what someone said:

“Baring the heart is not so easy but it’s great when people do it. At times a great flash of insight in amongst some often frustrating sequences of events, but the feel and glory of the natural world in this area glows throughout.”

That’s been sitting there for a whole year and a half, and I only now just saw it? There was another, this one for Buffalo Lights:

“What a really great read, full of stories and anecdotes. Takes the reader to the places mentioned in the book.”

“What a really great read…”

That’s it, I give up.


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