Cold and Wet

acequia in Taos, NM

Lazy man tattered prayer flags

That’s what it’s like here now. As I write this on Friday night, the highway from Dixon to Peńasco is closed because of “heavy flooding.” It’s in the mid-fifties outside and only a few degrees warmer inside the old adobe. I thought about making a fire but didn’t. The electric heater underneath my desk is on, however. You might think this is unreal for August 1st, but I’ve seen it a few times before. It’s a mountain thing. Seven thousand feet, you know. When the sun gets covered up, it’s cold. Add the humidity from the monsoon rains, and you get October in New Hampshire. We like it, though. It’s different. Pulling the down comforter up around my neck, falling asleep to the sound of dripping water, smirking at wet raccoons wrecking bird feeders in the dark.

Yes, we need some new prayer flags. (Probably need some new prayers, too.) And that old Mexican pot has a history. That’s where I burned every page of my mother’s evil little notebook two years ago. Quite the necessary ritual! You can find out what was in it by reading my new book, and boy, do I have an awesome deal for you: just sign up for my new releases newsletter, which at the current rate means you’ll hardly ever see one, and you can have an iBooks promo code to download The HELEN CHRONICLES (see footer) for free! I’ll send a promo code to every new subscriber until they run out. You can use them to download the book at the iBook Store by clicking on the “Redeem” link there.

Hell, I would.

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  • Carmel Glover August 2, 2014, 8:07 AM

    I would too, if I were you (as opposed to me, who has already bought the book) … the Helen Chronicles is worth reading.

    • JHF August 2, 2014, 10:34 AM

      Thanks, Carmel.

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