Dillinger Hideout Discovered

old Ford, old Taos

Fleeing in a hail of bullets

It wasn’t easy, but I tracked him down. The 111-year-old fugitive from justice has been living all this time in Taos, New Mexico. Thought he was pretty clever, he did, except that bad guys always screw up in the end. What gave our boy away? The only single-wide in Llano Quemado without tires on the roof!

That, and he never traded in the Ford.

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  • christian ienni June 9, 2013, 1:39 PM

    maybe Hoffa’s out there somewhere too?

    “A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean you gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise you’re talkin’ about a half-hour to 45 minutes worth of digging. And who knows who’s gonna come along in that time? Pretty soon, you gotta dig a few more holes. You could be there all fuckin’ night!” -Nicky Santoro, “Casino”


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