Swan Dive

hummingbird in flight

I hope you have some where you live

Just imagine if this were in focus. I would be a god! I decided to keep it anyway because of the arc of the wings. To hell with me, hummingbirds are gods. Or popcorn, if the cat jumps high enough. A real god would understand. I like this one for the colors and the energy spraying off the little bastard.

I don’t know what other people do. I just sit in a patio chair a few feet from the feeder with my Pentax and my telephoto lens and hope it works. Mostly auto-focus, sometimes manual. Auto-focus on a hummingbird is goofy, but sometimes you get cool effects like everything all fuzzy except a foot. I could take pictures of hummingbirds all day. It’s like playing the slots, except you win more.

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  • Rita August 27, 2013, 10:53 AM

    I like the incredible pattern on his/her neck/breast area. I have never seen that before. What else do we never see until you stop motion?

    • JHF August 27, 2013, 11:18 AM

      This one’s a male. You can tell by the reflective throat patch. I think it’s just a kid, though, because overall the markings are kind of raggedy.

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