Kawai RX-3 6′ 1″ Professional Grand

Kawai RX-3 6’1″ Professional Grand Piano for Sale


THE TIME HAS COME to sell my wife’s Kawai RX-3 6′ 1″ Professional Grand Piano. She was a lifelong classical pianist for whom music meant more than anything, and her playing was magical. This counts when considering the purchase of a pre-owned fine musical instrument. The RX-3 (2004 model, serial #2494378) is in excellent, like-new condition and surely infused with her spirit. I’d keep it myself, but it needs to be in the hands of a professional musician or skilled individual who’ll make it their own. This beautiful instrument deserves the best home I can find for it.

You can find detailed specifications, descriptions, history, and a photo gallery of this model at the official Kawai website. I urge everyone to visit and explore. Here’s an excerpt:

The RX Series, as a collection, was chosen “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” by MMR Magazine’s Dealers’ Choice Awards in 3 consecutive years (2003, 2004 and 2005). The Kawai RX Series Professional Grand Pianos have long been heralded for their extraordinary touch and tone. The Ultra-Responsive Action featuring ABS Styran found in all RX models was vastly superior to the conventional all-wooden actions found on most other brands of pianos. After 18 years of success, the RX Series was succeeded by the GX BLAK Series in 2013.

Local Info & Pricing

The piano is located in the safe, climate-controlled environment of my wife’s studio in Taos, New Mexico. The floor is virtually level with the paved parking lot outside the nearby door. There are no steps to navigate. Gannon Rhinehart of Santa Fe tuned the instrument on August 27, 2021 and was notably impressed at how well it had held up since the last tuning. This is an exceptional professional grand piano by any measure in virtually new condition.

I’m listing the Kawai RX-3 at $18,900 USD. In 2021 dollars, this is well under what we paid, less than half the current cost of the comparable GX model that replaced it, and very much in line with dealer prices for this model that I’ve been able to find. (By all means do an internet search yourselves to confirm.) Moving, transportation, and storage costs as required could be considerable and I’m open to discounting to cover them. The desire and enthusiasm of any potential buyer to own and play my wife’s beloved Kawai is also important. I want you to love it. If you didn’t click the second link at the top of the page, go read this now and you’ll understand why.

All reasonable offers will be considered. I live three miles away and it’s easy to show. Email, call, or text at (575) 770-9537. Come play the instrument, and let’s see what we can do.

Many thanks. – John

John Hamilton Farr
25 George Torres Road
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557