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old adobe house in Taos, NM

Good luck to me, I’m gonna need it, or maybe it’s already here

Gorgeous, ain’t it? So I decided to share it with the world. Twitter is the fastest way to do this, since I have many times more followers than visitors to this blog. As I tweeted yesterday in quick succession:

Hahaha! But oh so true. The best response I got to those was:


This afternoon we’re actually looking at an “old adobe farmhouse” for sale. It’s crammed behind another old adobe and comes with a wonderful (?) cleared half-acre yard behind it we don’t need. Approved for horses, the listing says. You never know, right? These old adobe compounds are hell to divide in any decent way, and this one probably wasn’t. The house in front of the one we’re looking at has been for sale since 2009, which speaks of some disturbance. That’s why I also tweeted:

But we will see.

back out again. That kills it for us right there, but know that otherwise the house was warm and livable, if somewhat dark—thank you, radiant heat—and that the 18-inch thick adobe walls that date back to 1860 were very reassuring.

The tiny bathroom wasn’t. The sink and mirror were hard up against a wall, completely in the corner. To see what that was like, I stood in front of the mirror and pretended to brush my teeth. What comedy! My elbow smacked against the wall and then my shoulder. This is not the way you want to live if you can help it, and we won’t.

That’s the way it is with old adobes. A lot of things like bathrooms got added on later. Consider too that many of these homes were built by folks who lived in them and some of us aren’t experts. In Taos it makes no sense to have the kind of housing laws you probably enjoy. People have been pretty much winging it here for four hundred years out of sheer necessity. This is the world you enter with an old adobe. If you can navigate the pitfalls, you might end up with something special or one that drives you half-insane, especially if it’s been “renovated” by one or more new owners.

We like them, though. And so it goes.

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  • Joe November 17, 2014, 1:24 PM

    Sunshine, never go where it ain’t.

    • JHF November 17, 2014, 1:31 PM

      I know, man. We came from a place with lots less sun than here, but now my wife goes terminal if we wake up and it’s overcast. I don’t see how that works. Maybe just shut up and buy a stupid little house and write and make some dough and buy a motorcycle and get out more. New Mexico is pretty wonderful, and I don’t really want to leave.

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